Yoga in India: The mysterious guru-sparrow


Okay, before I write these lines I have to say that I’m quite a practical person. I have to explain to myself the world and the things that happen in it. If that doesn’t work then I have to experience things on my own. So much for that. And now in Rishikesh there is this mysterious bird. Well, actually a common one. A sparrow. Brown-grey feathering. Fist-sized. But it is just there - always at the same time at the same place.  Maybe it is dead?! Or stuffed?! No, it’s not. It also flies away  - at the same time through the same hole. I’m pretty sure that National Geographic already explained this phenomena five or twenty times in the past ten years… And maybe it is only an ordinary animal instinct, a daily rhythm of the bird - no idea, but somehow this little bird is odd.

The first meeting

The first time it visited was in the end of the first week of the teacher training: The two hours of Vinyasa Yoga were over and we stowed away the yoga-blocks, mats, straps and so on. For the philosophy-class afterwards we prepared our seats and blankets and sat in a semicircle around the blackboard - as on all following days. A few noisy flaps later I detected the tiny poultry high up there in the shelves. Just a bird, so I thought. And: Hopefully the bird will make its way back out to freedom. (One day later it just figured out that it found that freedom - but it turned out that it might have been a tough fight… especially against its digestive system. The bird pooed on the floor. )

A little stalker, that bird 

Well, anyway - next day same time. Philosophy. While the man with the pleasant deep and calming voice talked about the roots of yoga and Sage Patanjali  - flap, flap - there it is. The quiet the stalker-sparrow arrived.

Next day. Sparrow missing. The spook is gone. No it’s not. On all the following days the sparrow sits - as had been agreed - on it’s place in the shelf. On day three someone recognized it too and informed the group about our special guest. The others couldn’t believe it, too. Is there not only a bird sitting on the shelf but rather in our heads?!

Vibes and so on

Mr. Voice alias Philosophy-Teacher Siddhartha Veer explains it with a gentle smile - what all Yoga-Philosophy-Teachers with waving saffron-coloured linen-shirt have to have. Maybe the bird senses the vibes in the yoga-hall, maybe the bird was a guru in his life before. Maybe it is one. At least: There won’t be any practical declaration for the stalking sparrow. I think, you have to have seen the guru-bird not think wampediboo is gaga… Well, we got back to the facts by something visible in the yoga-hall: bird-poo. Doubtless to explain: Indigestible rests of stomach contents.