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For yogis yogamats are their temple, their holy space to practice on. And so is yogapants. It’s like a supportive robe that should fit perfectly. This is why I want to introduce you to some nice brands and pants which are worth reading more about. Today its about Skimmed Milk from London. 

(AD – because I name a brand)

Skimmed Milk is a brand quite young. In 2017 Adam and his partners started with their idea and a new brand was born. Now they do colorful bras and pants and use 77 percent recycled Polyester in their clothes.

When ordering a Skimmed-Milk-product it comes in a cute little milk carton. Why? And why the name „Skimmed Milk“?

Adam: Originally we were going to be a Men’s brand called FULLFAT... We have three types of milk here in the UK, full fat, semi-skimmed and skimmed. It’s all a play around that. As I ended up doing women’s first, I went with skimmed Milk, keeping in line with my original concept.

So Skimmed Milk is a brand quite young in a business quite crowded. Had it been clear for you right from the beginning that you’ll launch your brand?

Adam: Yes, but there were times when I questioned ‘what have I done’ in the early months. But when the product is right, the branding is right, you can soon stand out in a crowded market.

What was the hardest part on the way to bulit up your own business? 

Adam: The biggest challenge is finding a manufacture that will a) fit your ethos, direction and standards and b) want to work with you. Manufactures don’t want to work with small start-ups.

Shiny yellow, signal red, or plain pink: Your pants and bras are colourful and due to that they give a breeze of energy for those who are wearing them. Feels like something fresh in an overcrowded business. What was your aim for creating colours like these?

Adam: Everyone does black and muted colours. Being another startup doing what has already been doing well by so many others wouldn’t have got us noticed or got us notice. Sometimes you have to be bold to get noticed. During my research, people were telling me they wanted some colouful activewear... and here we are today.


Colour: Citrus. Size: M.

For Yogis Yogamats are their temple, their holy space to practice on. And so is yogapants. It’s like a supportive robe that should fit perfectly. How do you test your fabrics before selling them?

Adam: We work with a specialist sportswear manufacture and everything is tested in-house by them to ensure they meet our standards. During the sampling stage, people wear the product to ensure the fit is correct and performs as it should rather than restricting your movement and stopping you getting into a bind.

Sustainability gets more and more important. How important is it for you?

Adam: Very and it’s equally important to our consumers. So many brands just send out order in polybags which don’t break down. We send out order is cardboard that can be recycled. We started using paper packing tape which will breakdown. We have moved our fabric to one that is milled for recycled plastic water bottles. The difference in price is marginal – there’s no reason for big brands not do that.

Are you willing to get even more sustainably?

Adam: Absolutely – as we grow we are finding new ways to become more sustainable. The biggest was starting to use our new recycled material. But the small changes are just as important, such as swapping out plastic packing for paper...

Konaction and Skimmed Milk

Konaction and Skimmed Milk

Colour: Teal, Size: M in bra and S in pants

What does the next collection (Summer 2019) look like?

Adam: We are reintroducing our pastel products. These put us on the map last summer and sold through. We have been receiving regular requests for them. These will be on a mix of leggings, cycle shorts with selection of sports bras.

With Brexit and so on: How or when will you develop the German market?

Adam: I met with a Berlin based studio last summer, but unfortunately it wasn't the right fit. The best way for us to grow is for people to see our product in person. We are looking for studios all over to carrying our range. In the short term, we will be selling to the German market through our website.

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